A Journey Toward “True Religion”  

During 2017, we will use the core teachings of John Wesley to help us grow in God’s love. John Wesley was the inspired leader of the early Methodist movement. His teachings and guidance led to great revival within the church and to a renewed witness to God’s love in the world. In our time of great need, these teachings are as relevant today as ever. On top of this, Wesley’s sermons are officially listed as a part of our church doctrine, and yet we have gotten away from sharing them and learning from them.

The goal of this series is not to learn more about Wesley. In fact, we will rarely mention him in worship. Instead, we will focus on his inspired teachings to guide us into “True Religion.” As Wesley defined it, true religion “does not consist in any ritual observance or creed, or in any outward thing, but is found in righteousness, love, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit.” True religion is a heart right towards God and humanity and brings both holiness and happiness. That will be our focus. That’s what God wants for us.

Each Thursday, we will post a devotional paraphrase of one of Wesley’s sermons, a much shorter version of the originals and written in today’s English. We will also provide some questions for reflection and conversation. In worship, we will use these core teachings as inspiration for our sermons – building on the same scriptures and themes but in our own context. We will post these as well on the following Monday.

We invite you into this special journey and to make these resources a part of your growth as a disciple during 2017. We truly believe that if you make this a part of your devotional life each week you will be blessed beyond measure.